We reach out to every solidarity collective, every comrade in Greece and abroad, by asking to contribute – always according to their capacity – for the repayment of the debt, because this is the only way to keep Steki alive and continue the solidarity activities that take place there as well as the socio-political interventions of the Antiracist Initiative. In the 20 years since the establishment of Antiracist Initiative and the 12 years of Steki’s operation we have managed to cope with all difficulties and stay alive. We strongly believe that it is worth fighting once more.

We want to keep Steki and the Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki alive. We want to continue our common struggles with the refugees and migrants. We want to continue to offer our support and active solidarity to all people.

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We will owe you one!

Our campaign is held with absolute transparency and every last penny of the donations goes for repayment of the debt. All donations and installments of our debt are made public. Individuals and groups who do not want their names to be made public are presented with “anonymous” or initials only.

All donations can be seen at our campaign on YouCaring.

Online donations show up automatically. We also list there all the other donations we have received offline.